Residency-Ready® is a new company dedicated to providing options to those caught in the grips of the residency shortage.  There are over 7,000 persons who did not match into a residency in March 2021. A recent article published in the New York Times says that there are 10,000 chronically unmatched medical graduates. Our goal is use little known options to get these graduates into the healthcare workforce.

Residency Shortage

The University of California Health describes the residency shortage as a bottleneck. For the individuals affected by it, it feels like a crisis. Trapped in debt and unable to work they are often told to go into more debt by getting another degree, or work as an unpaid or underpaid intern, which leaves them unable to take care of themselves. All the while, these doctors continue to count on next year. But what if next year does not provide the “Match” that they desperately need!

For more about the current residency shortage and how this effects the unmatched doctors, please see the articles and peer reviewed research studies from listed in the links below. 

Surgical Assistant

Residency-Ready® believes that the answer is already here it just takes a keen individual to take advantage of this opportunity. By combining Certified Surgical Assistant training along with the limited medical license which is currently available in many states, a new pathway can be formed. We call this type of provider an Advanced Surgical Assistant Physician®.

Surgical Assisting is a recognized Allied Health field that merges persons from different medical disciplines including nursing, physician assistant, surgical technologist and military training. Another common sight is for Foreign Medical Doctors to train to gain Surgical Assistant Certification so that they can work in US hospitals without taking the U.S. Medical Licensing boards (USMLE) and doing a 3-to-5-year medical residency.

Surgical Assistants are recognized by the US Department for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Reimbursement rates depend on the educational background of the Surgical Assistant. For example, a Nurse and a Physician Assistant are recognized differently for Medicaid and Medicare Reimbursement rates. Those that are physicians have a higher reimbursement rate than others.

Each state has different laws when it comes to the role of Surgical Assistants. However, they can work in every state if they are a nurse, physician assistant or recognized physician. Some states license or register individual with the respective Board of Medicine others have no laws at all.



To do the Surgical Assistant Training We have partnered with ACE Surgical Assisting Lead by Dan Bump. Dan is an accomplished surgical assistant and had lead training course for over 20 years. ACE courses are certified by the American Board of Surgical Assisting. Medical graduates are required to take a course like ACE, Pass the Certification Exam and be a first assist in 400 cases.