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Right now there are an estimated 10,000 unmatched medical graduates in the United States. (New York Times, 2021) For a doctor to go unmatched for residency means that he/she is unable to use their medical degree. This is a disgraceful waste of talent given the shortage of physicians the nation chronically suffers from. 

Residency-Ready: Surgical Assistants offers a solution to combat this unnecessary waste of human capital, train medical graduates to fill Surgical Assistant positions around the country.  To do this we combine a limited medical license with formal Surgical Assistant training. Then we place program participants with Surgical Assisting groups and hospitals. These employers are desperate to fill over 1,000 open positions that are now available.


What is a Surgical Assistant?

What is a Surgical Assistant? A Surgical Assistant (also called Surgical First Assistants or just First Assistants) Is the second set of eyes and hands of the surgeon. This integral part of a surgical team helps surgical teams improve clinical outcomes and work more efficiently. Surgical Assistants can come from many different backgrounds such as Nurses, Physician Assistants, and Foreign trained Medical Doctors. The typical Surgical Assistant earns an estimated $120,000 a year. (, 2021)

To learn more about being a Surgical Assistant click below for a video from the Mayo Clinic about this new profession.



Residency-Ready: Surgical Assistants is a joint venture between ACE Surgical Assisting, Inc. and Ezra-Alexander and Company, LLC. 
ACE Surgical Assisting is the second school founded and owned by Dan Bump. The first was the National Institute of First Assisting.


It was distinguished by offering the very first formal Surgical Assistant Program in the country for working surgical professionals. His resume boasts US Navy experience as a Hospital Corpsman and Surgical Technologist, Self-Employed Surgical Assistant, and over 30 years of teaching Surgical Assistants. 

Ezra-Alexander and Company is owned by Darrin Miller MD, MBA, MSPH (Candidate). He currently studies at Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine where he is a trainee of the National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health (NIOSH), a division of the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Dr. Miller expects to graduate from his program in 2023. 

Residency-Ready: Surgical Assistants is a proud member of Albert Lepage Center at Tulane University for Entrepreneurship & Innovation A.B. Freedman School of Business in New Orleans, Louisiana 


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